The elderly librarian of Sage's Sorrow


An old man, he served as the (allegedly) illiterate caretaker of the Library in Sage’s Sorrow. However, he nursed a deep grudge against Lady Emmelin and her family. In secret, he was also a Disciple of the Great Old One Gormadis.

He used the power of a strange obelisk retrieved from the old Quarry ages ago by the monks of Boccob to summon and control strange eldritch thought eaters that he sicced on Lady Emmelin’s family. He also appears to have led the paladin Sir Kelran into an ambush, and did the same to Talys.

The younger paladin was rescued by Kialee, however, and went on to foil both Quintin’s attack on Emmelin and his subsequent attempt to sacrifice Kialee. The old cultist ultimately sacrificed himself to summoned a giant abomination, which Talys ultimately defeated with help from Kialee and a group of Elvish guards.

Quentin had been corresponding with an “RL” in Great Fork, his most recent draft letter assuring his contact that “this new paladin should be easier to deal with than the last one.”


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