Beasts and Denizens

Civilized Races

  • Dwarves: The nearest dwarven settlement to the Queendom is the Silver Deeps, but longstanding grievances between dwarves and elves have kept the two from developing strong ties.
  • Elves: The elves are culturally and politically dominant in the Queendom of the Owls, and have been for a thousand years.
  • Halflings: The halflings of the Queendom are concentrated in its cities, where many of them have made a living in the service industry.
  • Humans: The humans have spread across much of the known world and are the most populous of the civilized races. This has sometimes led to tensions with their neighbors.

Savage Races

  • Dragons: The chromatic dragons have been a periodic threat to the Queendom since its inception. Every so often, a dragon will raid the countryside demanding tribute or gather a band of followers and attempt to seize territory.
  • Goblins: The many breeds of goblins infest the fringes of the Queendom, creeping up from the swamps in the south or slinking down from the mountains to raid the countryside.
  • Orcs: The orcs of the Broken Fingers are an all-too-common sight on the shores of the Queendom, leaping out of their longships to pillage and enslave.
  • Drow: The drow are known to inhabit a city deep below the Queendom. They made their presence known 200 years ago during a failed invasion of the surface. Since then, they have restricted themselves to sporadic raiding.

Beasts, Monsters and Spirits

  • Owlbears: The product of a mad wizard’s experimentation, owlbears are a major problem in the forests of the Queendom, with rewards offered for their beaks.
  • White Hart: Manifesting as a pure white stag, White Harts are forest spirits that protect the land from threats both material and supernatural. Killing a White Hart is a capital offense in the Queendom.

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Beasts and Denizens

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