Dominions and Factions


The Queendom of the Owls is situated on the western end of a great continent the locals call Amber. To the north of the Queendom lie a fjord riddled coast and a cold interior steppe, from whence barbarian raiders will periodically emerge. To the east lies a great desert, while to the south is range of jagged mountains. The lands beyond are simply known as the Eastern Kingdoms, about which the local humans and elves know little.

To the west of the Queendom is the great ocean. A loose string of islands arcs up in a loose semicircle from off the southern shore of the Queendom. The northernmost of these islands are inhabited by the orcish sea raiders who prey on shipping and occasionally sweep into the Queendom to pillage and burn.

It is rumored that there are other lands across the western ocean, and perhaps even some beyond the southern sea, but distance and disinterest shields the Queendom from learning more.


  • Eastern Kingdoms: The collective name for all the realms of Amber that lie east of the Queendom.
  • Silver Deep: A neighboring Dwarven realm in the eastern mountains, its relations with the Queendom are rather frosty.
  • The Sussrex Isles: A mist-shrouded archipelago southwest of the Queendom, it is settled by humans and under the rigid rule of the Authority.
  • Broken Fingers: A cluster of islands northwest of the Queendom, they are infested by orcs who periodically raid south in longships.


  • Skyknights: The Skyknights are the elite guardians of the Queendom of the Owls, patrolling the realm from the backs of their giant owls.
  • Ordo Draconis: A secret society of human cultists who seek to ally with dragons in order to overthrow Elven rule in the Queendom.

Stars Above

  • Euna: The world’s “true” moon, it hangs above with a pale, silvery glow and goes through phases every 29 and a half days. Euna is connected to the tides, lycanthropy and certain types of magic.
  • The Phantom Moon: The world’s second, rarely seen moon, its appearance in the sky brings strange tides and is often believed to be portentous of disaster. The moon reflects no light, appearing as a dark circle in the sky during the day and a shadow blotting out stars at night.

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Dominions and Factions

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