Legends and Lore


There are many stories, songs, and histories floating the popular imagination, often contradicting one another. These disparate fragments of lore are gathered here, in the hopes that sifting through them will reveal the unvarnished truth.

Recent History

  • The Amnish Wars: A series of conflicts in the Eastern Kingdoms between the mercantile nation of Amn and its neighbors. The wars began as a simple dispute over the taxation of trade routes and escalated into a major conflict that only recently came to an end with an Amnish “victory.”

Distant History

  • The Hungry Years: After the fall of the Lyrian Empire, the humans of its successor kingdoms set about fighting each other and the orcish invaders while the land around them continued to slide into ruin. The dwindling food stores were reserved for the warlords’ armies, who spent more and more time trying to steal one another’s food stores. Many thousands died in the fighting, and more in the famines. With the land sick and littered with bones, it seemed like the End Times. Until the Elves emerged from what was left of their forests.
  • The Lyrian Empire: Fifteen centuries ago, Lyros the Conqueror landed his army at the mouth of the Great River. From there, his people slowly spread across the land, conquering the human barbarians and driving back the elves. His descendants presided over a great and terrible empire, but their callous disregard for the land would be their undoing. All that remains of Lyria today are legends and a few crumbling ruins.

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Legends and Lore

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