Silver Deeps



Also known as Celebnuir in Elvish, this city-state of interconnected mines is a meeting point between the surface world and the underworld. The Dwarves trade precious metals, luxury goods, and weapons freely with with elves, humans, halflings, and drow. The dwarves have steered a neutral course in their dealings both above and below, and many find them stand-offish—even for dwarves. The city is perched at the headwaters of the Silverblood River and its wares frequently travel down on barges to Great Fork and beyond.

Each mine in the Silver Deeps is managed by a different clan, which sees to its day-to-day affairs. Clan delegates then gather every six months at the Clan Moot to make decisions that effect the entire community and appoint a Keeper to oversee city functions for the next six months. The Keeper oversees the markets, the infrastructure, and the collective security of the Deeps, in accordance with the wishes of the Clan Moot.

The dwarves of the Silver Deeps venerate their ancestors in place of worshiping deities, and the Deeps are presently blessed (or perhaps cursed) with the presence of two living ancestors, the bickering Paragons Skadi and Skorg.

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Silver Deeps

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