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A log book of current and completed quests.

Important People

A short list of major figures in the adventures. A full cast list is available at the “Characters” link on the left.

Queendom of the Owls

Information on the Most Serene Queendom of the Owls, its peoples, and its immediate surroundings.

Dominions and Factions

Information on the different lands and peoples of the world beyond the borders of the Queendom.

Artifacts and Arcana

Information on magic, religion and strange devices.

Legends and Lore

An incomplete and often biased account of tales, histories and rumors about the world.

Beasts and Denizens

An overview of the creatures, races and monsters that inhabit the world.

Campaign Calendar

Probably the most exciting part of the wiki, the calendar keeps track of the current date, season, and year according to Elven reckoning.

Wiki User Guide

Players can follow the link for quick guidance on how to edit this wiki. Please contribute your ideas!

Main Page

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