Great Fork


Town Overview

Great Fork (Osthanduin in Elvish) is a bustling town that sits at the intersection of the Silverblood and the Ironblood rivers. It was once a much grander city under the ancient human empire of Lyria, but few traces of that time still remain aside from the old crumbling walls that sit more than mile outside the current town. The rivers split the city into three districts, linked together by a series of bridges and canals. A tall white tower rises above the town near its center, the residence of the ruling Lady.


Great Fork is governed by Lady Allannia, a High Elf noble who consults with the local guildmasters on major decisions.


Great Fork is broken into three districts, North Dock, South Dock, and the Heights. Working-class North Dock is predominantly human, the wealthy Heights is largely Elvish, and mercantile South Dock is a mixed district. An unofficial “fourth district” is the Foulburgh of shanties outside North Dock, where the poorest residents reside.

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Great Fork

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