Sage's Sorrow

Village Overview

A coastal village in the southern reaches of the Queendom, Sage’s Sorrow is five days’ travel south of the port of Vinyamar. The village sits on a rocky peninsula that curves out into the sea; the site of an ancient monastery to Boccob that was largely destroyed by orcs during the Hungry Years. Stones scavenged from the ruins of the monastery were used to build many of the finer structures in Sage’s Sorrow. Nowadays, the small settlement primarily subsists on fishing.


Sage’s Sorrow (Golodh-en-Dim in Elvish) and its environs are ruled by the family of Lady Emmelin, a High Elf noble. Her family holds court in a tower keep at the highest point on the peninsula. The nobles also fund the maintenance and upkeep of the Library.


The Library: The only surviving structure of the old monastery, it houses the meager collection of books and papers salvaged from the ruins. Most recently, a secret cave complex below the library has been discovered, which housed several arcane texts of forbidden knowledge. The Library is presently looking for a new caretaker.

The Unicorn and Hydra: The village’s only tavern, it is a single storey wooden building with a small hedged yard, located just a short walk from the docks. Accommodations consist of several hammocks in the common room. It is run by a thin Wood Elf woman named Brawsta.

The Old Quarry: Located in the hills two miles northeast of town, this old abandoned quarry has a stagnant pool of lifeless water, which covers an ancient cracked seal of warding placed by the monks of Boccob in ages past.

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Sage's Sorrow

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